Kids Club

Mounted and Dismounted Training

My aim is to blend dismounted training with fun mounted sessions to help children improve;

  • balance,
  • body awareness, 
  • rhythm, 
  • strength, 
  • suppleness 
  • straightness.  

And what started off as inviting a group of friends and neighbours round to make lessons more fun for my daughter... is growing!! 



I am also fascinated by the work of Carol Dweck on growth mindset. It is important for children to dare to make mistakes. A child with a growth mindset views a mistake as an opportunity to learn, they will welcome feedback and see challenges as a necessary part of improving. Research shows that praising the effort and the hard work will lead to longer term success than praising the outcome. Then when things get tougher, they perceive this an indication they need to work harder, rather than withdraw effort and give up.


What's On

We run individual lessons, group lessons, gym sessions and stable management sessions. I have lots more ideas in the pipeline. Keep your eye on our Facebook page for more updates